Jef Vlamings

Chrome extensions for dummies

I only recently started programming after following courses on Codecademy and now I’m already building full-blown Chrome extensions. The first browser extension I made is “Loop” a YouTube video playlist to cue your favorite YouTube videos and play them like you would on your iPod. It has a simple and easy to use UI that […]

In defense of codecademy

Lately, I’m reading more and more negative comments about Codecademy on the internet. Especially if you wander around in the comment section of Hacker News posts, you’ll see that a lot of experienced hackers are denigrating the way programming is being taught at Codecademy. They’re convinced that you’ll only learn to program if you do it the “hard” […]

The overuse of HTML5 and CSS3

As I’m getting more familiar with all the aspects of designing for the web I constantly bump into small unimportant problems. In most cases those problems can be solved with some CSS trickery or javascript. One way or the other I always find some sort of solution that works out pretty fine, up till now. […]

A clean calendar in CSS3 & jQuery

Almost a year ago I had the idea to build a calendar app. The project was called LiveCal and was supposed to become a platform where you could share calendars. The whole idea was that calendars would become something you subscribe to. Let me clarify. Let’s say you are subscribed to the calendar stream of […]

Is Ren Ng the new Steve Jobs?

Some of you might not have noticed it, but photography, as you know it, is about to change completely. One man is stirring up the whole camera market with his latest invention, the Lytro Light Field Camera. This new type of camera makes it possible to snap a picture and refocus it later. This means no […]


Dear web community. Today I’m launching a blog where I’ll be sharing my latest thoughts and ideas. For a long time I have been running around with the idea to start a blog. But someway or another I could never make the time to do so. Let this post be a very first step in […]